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Rival divas
I returned to London his week from India, where the budget was under the microscope; albeit somewhat overshadowed by issues of governance in Bihar and Goa. Did Mr Chidambaram hold the balance between promises to poor electors and to leftist partners,...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sleep on it
Sir ' Amit Roy, as usual, gets it all wrong about Bollywood in 'Who will cast the first couch' ...  | Read.. 
Marching ahead'
Sir ' Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's Dandi march on March 12, 1930, with 78 of his devoted followers, ...  | Read.. 
Not built in a day
Sir ' The building on 27, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, which houses the Zoological Survey of India, the A ...  | Read.. 
The issue of patenting has always been controversial, ever since trade-related intellectual property rights became part of tr...| Read.. 
It is a truism that there is no such thing as a voluntary strike. A handful of activists enforce a strike and keep others fro...| Read.. 
Eyeball time for the print media
The last newspaper reader in the US will give up the ghost in just 35 years. In April 2040 to be precise. That is the dire ca...  | Read.. 
Trouble comes in packages
In Wodehouse on Wodehouse, P.G. Wodehouse writes about a Broadway manager who, whenever a musical seemed to get stuck midway, would say, 'bring on the girls', meaning t...  | Read.. 
Deterrence is the best policy
Article 16: Sales to and by minors. 1. Each Party shall adopt and implement effective legislative, executive, administrative or other measures at the appropriate government l...  | Read.. 
Mental reflection is so much more interesting than TV it's a shame more people don't switch over to it. They probably think what they hear is unimportant but it never is. ' ROBERT MAYNARD PIRSIG