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Europe buries Wolfowitz misgivings
Europe buried misgivings over Washington's nomination of Iraq war architect Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank today, making clear that it would not stand in his way. ...  | Read.. 
Nepal scribes evade censors with blogs
Journalists in Nepal are going hi-tech to sidestep tight censorship imposed after last month's royal coup. ...  | Read.. 
Affleck turns talents to direction
He hit it big as a screenwriter, rose and fell as an actor, and even dabbled in presidential politics, and now Ben Affleck is trying his hand in the director's chair. ...  | Read.. 
Scientist reveals: elephants can mimic
Elephants have an unusual ability to mimic and learn new sounds which scientists believe they use as a form of acoustic communication. ...  | Read.. 
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder in Brussels. (AFP)
Song of hope
Bird block
Cute clock
Schiavo parent plea vetoed
A US court rejected an appeal by the parents of a brain-damaged Florida woman who had asked that th..  | Read.. 
Light from distant planets discovered
Astronomers have detected light from two planets circling stars outside our solar system, using a s..  | Read.. 
Arnie close to British libel trial
Arnold Schwarzenegger edged closer to facing a British libe ...  | Read.. 

Suit over abuse snaps against AP
Five US navy SEALs and the wife of one of the men have sued ...  | Read..