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Flurry over faulty flyovers
An estimated Rs 146 crore must be spent to set right the flaws of the three showpiece flyovers, built at a combined cost of around Rs 246 crore....  | Read.. 
Dial Delhi in call distress
In a bid to break the BSNL deadlock that has crippled Calcutta, chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee appealed to Left Front...  | Read.. 
Cop rein on rowdy Holi revellers
Holi revellers, watch out. Calcutta Police will be out on the streets this year, and if you're caught drunk, they won't hesit...  | Read.. 
Burglary in CM's locality
Rajat Budhraja and his wife always believed they lived in a secure neighbourhood, barely a block away from chief minister Bud...  | Read.. 
Flower power push in festival of hues
Holi fever has gripped Jadavpur University's chemical engineering department days before the festival of colour will be celeb...  | Read.. 
Tech firm on growth path
With the aim of reversing the 'brain-drain trend', US-based Connectiva Systems is doubling the headcount at its Indian operat...  | Read.. 
Match-making, Memorial to mall
Spacious arcades preferred for arranged blind date, nuptial negotiations

Shopping for a suitable bride or groom for your first-born' Head for your favourite mall. ...  | Read.. 
Shabana Azmi shares a few tips on stress management after launching Living a Stressful Life with Joy, authored by Dewakar Goel (left), at a cit ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, March 23, 2005
The power of black
A forthright, almost earthy simplicity distinguish...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Smriti Irani You are impulsive, carefree and uninhibited. Life fascinates you; you believe ...Read.. 
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  Sympathy ear after stress years
  Sanjit Sengupta
Admit cards arrive late
At least 39 Higher Secondary candidates received admit cards either on Mond...  | Read.. 

War of words over civic dues
Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee's government on Tuesday was on yet another collisio...  | Read.. 

Boon for booster station
The commissioning cloud over the Rs 30-crore Kalighat booster pumping stati...  | Read.. 

Two boys held for thievery
Mantu Mondal, 11, and Kalia Das, 12, are fast friends. Their bonding goes m...  | Read.. 

Tryst with trees in July
Chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee will inaugurate the largest ever aff...  | Read.. 

Crushed under tram
Asok Kumar Dasgupta, 61, a retired college teacher, was crushed by a tram a...  | Read.. 

Films and flannels bridge the great divide
What do you mean by you people' the question came in a duet. 'You people' ...  | Read.. 

Of chic styles & colour capers
Sweltering under the summer sun so soon' Get on with the make-up and stylin...  | Read.. 
Hint of mint in final stint
With less than a month to go for Lakme India Fashion Week, designers all ov...  | Read.. 
Treasure trunk
Shrinking living spaces call for miniature storage space. ...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Fusion beats in fashion focus
Fusion at The Golden Park is going the live music way. Good Vibes, a four-m...  | Read.. 
Feng Shui: Floral force for mind matters
Q: I am a student of Class XII. My DOB is 12.12.85. I occupy a ro...  | Read.. 
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