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Hollywood bares its claws
There is disarray in Hollywood after the 'golden rule' of never speaking ill of an actor or director ' in public, at least ' was broken by the president of the venerable William Morris talent agency, one of the 'big four' in Los Angeles. ...  | Read.. 
Putin in tricky trip to Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin today launched a tricky diplomatic foray into Ukraine, now under liberal management, after promising European powers he would support pro-Wes ...  | Read.. 
'Wolfie' woos critics
Paul Wolfowitz, picked by President George W. Bush to head the World Bank, said yesterday his image as an architect of the Iraq war was an incomplete portrait and he was conf ...  | Read.. 
Missile muscle for Pervez
Calling today's test-firing of the Shaheen-II missile as a 'milestone', President Pervez Musharraf said Pakistan has now crossed the minimum deterrence level. ...  | Read.. 
Amina Wadud (right) leads the first public, mixed-gender Muslim prayer service in New York. (Reuters)
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NY Muslim woman blazes prayer trail
A woman broke with Islamic tradition yesterday by leading a prayer service where men and women sat ..  | Read.. 
Demi's not saying it
Demi Moore is not answering the question...  | Read.. 
Cannabis rules
The British government said today it had asked for an asses ...  | Read..