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Look out Blair, voters think Brown is better
Gordon Brown has overtaken Tony Blair as Labour's main electoral asset only weeks before an expected general election, according to a post-budget YouGov poll for The Daily Telegraph. ...  | Read.. 
Charles blessing on TV
The blessing ceremony following the civil marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles will be shown live on television, the prince's Clarence House office said today ...  | Read.. 
UK pubs spurn 24-hr drink chance
English pubs have been freed from the decades-old shackles of rigid licensing hours for nearly six weeks now ' but hardly any want to dip a toe into the uncharted waters of 2 ...  | Read.. 
No stopping global warming: Experts
Even if people stopped pumping out carbon dioxide and other pollutants tomorrow, global warming would still get worse, two teams of researchers reported today. ...  | Read.. 
Haylie (left) and Hilary Duff at a party in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Castro ire over Forbes infamy
Cuban President Fidel Castro criticised Forbes magazine yesterday for the 'infamy' of listin..  | Read.. 
New, 'rapid' strain of AIDS virus identified
Doctors in America have identified a new and virulent strain of the AIDS virus that is both resista..  | Read.. 
Pak rapists re-arrested
Pakistani police today re-arrested four men convicted in a ...  | Read..