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Becoming More Catholic
Minority communities have always served a token purpose in Hindi films. 'Rahim Chacha' or 'John Uncle' have served the same purpose in our films as the cleverly calculated vote banks of the politicians. Though the Muslim community did get a more mains...  | Read.. 
Spoiling everyone's Christmas Eve
So what did I conclude from my stay in the women's ward [of a mental asylum, to prepare for a film role]' ...  | Read.. 
'It's a good and beautiful reason to stick with each other for that moment, late in your life'
Lounging on a velvet chair in a top Manhattan 'meeterie', Jennifer, as she seems to like to be called these days, is l ...  | Read.. 
'I'm looking forward to doing interesting things with Kate'
After Aishwarya Rai in Bride & Prejudice, it's Hollywood's hot-queen Kate Hudson. Gurinder Chadha whose 'Big Bolly ...  | Read.. 
'We have to move ahead'
'I feel humbled, educated, enlightened and elevated,' Karan Johar is in London and in seventh heaven. 'I've just gone throug ...  | Read.. 
Back to basics, and reading film
A brand new telefilm series begins on Alpha Bangla, this time with an exciting difference. The Galpo Katha, (taglined ...  | Read.. 
Pressed into action
If they all ' Kunal Mitra, Indrani Halder and Saswata Chatterjee ' were journalists, then where were the stars' ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
Sony's Rihhaee seems to be on a high. If Sony hoped to introduce a new pattern of entertainment in its primetime slot, ...  | Read.. 
Saif is not a safe bet when it comes to keeping promises. He has the reputation of acting like royalty and thus putting peopl ...  | Read.. 
Shemaroo has released four very recent releases in DVD/VCD, Dil Maange More!!! (Rs 349), Padmashree Laloo Prasad Y ...  | Read.. 
Bandhu, Shunte Pachho' Orient Express Sagarika; Rs 40 ...  | Read.. 
Little beyond the known
What a girl wants
Target audience'
John no longer stiff
Dimple Kapadia in Bobby and (foreground) Rani Mukherjee in Black