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Atkins 'diet bubble' bursts in Britain
It was hailed as the most revolutionary and successful diet of its kind, endorsed by celebrities and tried by millions of people....  | Read.. 
Blame it on the variable female gene
Scientists have cracked the genetic code of the female X chromosome which is linked to more than 300 human diseases and may ...  | Read.. 
Snores risky for the heart
People who suffer from an illness that disrupts their breathing while they sleep are more likely to suffer a fatal heart a ...  | Read.. 
Frozen sea on Mars
Claims that life or the potential for it exists on Mars got a boost yesterday when scientists declared that they saw the re ...  | Read.. 
Who says slavery is dead and gone'
In the early 1970s, Aswini Sarin, an investigative journalist with the Indian Express, exposed the existence of a horrific slave trade of women in an Indian village. Vi...  | Read.. 
Search for the meaning of existence
Eleena Banik's pictorial exercises are suggestive of a complex world of concepts and idioms with relevance in the stream of modernistic consciousness. Her work pertains to a j...  | Read.. 
Skill and sensitivity
Any singer having the privilege of learning dhrupad from the masters of the Dagar school is bound to cause a flutter in the stagnant pool of Rabindrasangeet. But most o...  | Read.. 
Steeped in romanticism
Delicate pictorial essay
Power of the mono-act
Paris Hilton presents her new perfume in Mexico City on Wednesday. (AP)