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Einstein comes alive on CD

London, March 14: Spoken with an extremely strong German accent, some of the words are not even recognisable in the 57-second broadcast ' but the expression 'E=mc squared' is unmistakable.

For the first time, a commercial CD of Albert Einstein explaining the world's most famous equation is available today, to celebrate his birthday. The CD, published by the British Library, includes George Bernard Shaw's speech in praise of Einstein.

Speaking at the Savoy Hotel in 1930, he said: 'There are great men who are great men amongst small men, but there are also great men who are great amongst great men, and that is the sort of great man whom you have amongst you here tonight.'

The CD, Albert Einstein: Historic Recordings 1930-1947, celebrates 'Einstein Year'. It is 100 years since the scientist's annus mirabilis, when he came up with his theory of relativity, and 50 years since his death.

When he was born in the German city of Ulm on March 14, 1879, his head was so big that his mother thought he was deformed. But 26 years later in 1905, Einstein would lay the foundations of modern theory that ranges from the smallest scale ' quantum theory ' to the largest ' relativity.

The CD features his speech at the Nobel Prize ceremony in 1945, an example of Einstein's views on the atomic bomb. He said: 'We helped in creating this new weapon in order to prevent the enemies of mankind from achieving it ahead of us. Which, given the mentality of the Nazis, would have meant inconceivable destruction and the enslavement of the rest of the world.

'We delivered this weapon into the hands of the Americans and British.... as fighters for peace and liberty. But, so far, we failed to see any guarantee of peace.'

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