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Einstein comes alive on CD
Spoken with an extremely strong German accent, some of the words are not even recognisable in the 57-second broadcast ' but the expression 'E=mc squared' is unmistakable....  | Read.. 
Easter Passion with less gore
Mel Gibson is releasing a recut version of his controversial film The Passion of The Christ in Britain over Easter t ...  | Read.. 
Turkey samosas and fish fillet curry
What makes a Bengali Bengali' The answer always seems to lie in fish. As an atypical Bengali who spent his whole life trying to avoid fish, I always felt I was just not Bengal...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: Grand affair
My son-in-law often says that his daughters are thoroughly spoilt by their grandparents. Aware, after all these years, that he says so just to tease me, I have now ceased to r...  | Read.. 
Spanish actors Penelope Cruz (left) and Salma Hayek at a screening of Dont Move in Beverly Hills. (AFP)