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Prophet of power
Hans Albrecht Bethe, who discovered the violent force behind sunlight, helped devise the atom bomb and eventually cried out against the military excesses of the Cold War, died on March 6. He was 98, the last of the giants who inaugurated the nuclear age. His death was announced by Cornell University, where he worked and taught for 70 years. A spokesman said he died quietly at home. ...  | Read.. 
Strange new world
In the hip science of ultrasmall nanotechnology, fantastic future possibilities like rampaging nanorobots capture the most attention, but the first fruits of the field have been more mundane: tiny bits of mostly ordinary stuff that just sit there. Yet these bits—nanoparticles—gain wondrous new capabilities simply because they are so small. ...  | Read.. 
Prophet of power
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Blurred picture
If ever a product evoked lust in the heart, it is a plasma television. Like radial tires in the 1970s, a big flat plasma set is today's must-have technology. But whispers about the plasma set's shortcomings 'some old, some new'have increased recently ...  | Read.. 
Cellular ticket
Camera vision
Positive effect
The way a child performs at school is influenced by all kinds of factors. Some are beyond the control of parents'most obviously, the school itself and the child's personality. But increasingly, research suggests that we can influence our children's b ...  | Read.. 
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QED: Wishful thinking
The Scientific advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SAC-PM) unveiled its wish-list last week: two new institutes of science, an agency called the National Science and Engineering Foundation, and more students pursuing pure sciences in the Indian In ...  | Read.. 
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