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US unease over Taiwan bill
The White House urged Beijing yesterday to reconsider an 'unhelpful' bill that would give China the right to attack Taiwan if it tried to secede, and US lawmakers questioned whether the United States was showing enough military might in Asia. ...  | Read.. 
Berlusconi plea to US
The US must assume responsibility for the 'friendly fire' killing of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq in order to put the incident behind the two allies, the Italian Pri ...  | Read.. 
Pro-Syria PM on way back
Lebanon's parliament nominated pro-Syrian Omar Karami as Prime Minister today, a decision sure to anger the anti-Syrian Opposition that pressured him to resign in the first p ...  | Read.. 
Symbolic Bush victory in human cloning ban
The UN General Assembly yesterday urged governments to ban all human cloning, including the cloning of human embryos for stem cell research, in a divided vote that handed a s ...  | Read.. 
A humanoid robot (left) called Actroid guides visitors at a World Expo in Aichi, Japan. Developed by Japanese firms Kokoro and Advanced Media, Actroid ...  | Read
Curse saved
Porn tones
Massacre graves surface in Iraq
Police found the bodies of 41 Iraqis beheaded or shot by insurgents at two sites in Qaim, 500 km west of Baghdad..  | Read.. 
Dan Rather leaves under a cloud
CBS News anchor Dan Rather is all set to sign off for the last time but tributes to the 73-year-old..  | Read.. 
Malaria cases rise globally
More than half-a-billion people, nearly double previous est ...  | Read.. 

'Secular' passport backlash on Pervez
Several thousand Islamists protested today against policies ...  | Read.. 

Jackson defence grills boy
A teenage boy testified today that Michael Jackson told him ...  | Read..