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My weekend

I am very lucky in the sense that I have a four-day weekend, right from Thursday to Sunday. During this four-day break, of which I spend a couple of days in Muscat, I get up really late. From my childhood I have been used to a strict routine of getting up at 8am and practising with my father, Ustad Vilayat Khan. Now, nobody dares to disturb me before 11am. It's teatime after that. I don't drink or smoke, but am a die-hard tea addict, enjoying my cuppas all day long. Late mornings see me sitting at my computer and sending out instructions to my secretary and my manager.

Lunch is a nice and heavy affair. My husband and son love the Yakhni pulao I cook and since I can make it really quickly, it's not a bother at all. Then we sit and relax while watching television. Since I love playing badminton, I often spend my time playing the sport with family and friends. In Muscat, we have local championships in which I participate off and on.

I am a homebody. I don't like going out and spend the evenings with my son Faizan and a small band that he is a part of. After some time, I send them off to play cricket or do whatever they want to. I sit for my riyaaz with my cup of tea and then listen to all kinds of music.

Sometimes I go to Big Chill and Caf' Turtle in Khan Market and spend time with good friends, or make an occasional stop at the music shop. Evenings for me mean taking long walks with my husband, when we talk about the changes we are going through. We return back home to flop down and watch TV. It's all about lounging and scrounging.

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