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Pearl video suspect in net
A court in Pakistan today turned over an Islamic militant for police questioning over the killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and two failed assassination attempts against President Pervez Musharraf. ...  | Read.. 
Fiery cleric jailed for Bali raids
An Indonesian court sentenced fiery Muslim preacher Abu Bakar Bashir to two-and-a-half years in jail today after finding him guilty of an 'evil conspiracy' to commit the 2002 ...  | Read.. 
China turns rights tables on America
China took a tit-for-tat swipe at the US today for abusing Iraqi prisoners of war and other human rights violations in a report released days after Washington criticised Chin ...  | Read.. 
Blair was keen on rock career
Running the UK is all well and good, but Tony Blair still wonders if he could have made it as a rock star. If only he'd had the attitude... ...  | Read.. 
Daniel Pearl
Oscar reality check
As the dust settles on the 77th Academy awards, Hollywood is asking just how much will an Oscar be ..  | Read.. 
Global heat on Syria as Assad visits Riyadh
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad held crisis talks today with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah amid reso..  | Read.. 
India on baby death list
Four million newborn babies die every year in the world but ...  | Read.. 

Galaxies found, rethink on universe age
The discovery of a rich cluster of hundreds ' possibly thou ...  | Read..