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From here to eternity
The great 19th-century biologist Thomas Huxley once wrote that the 'question of all questions for humanity... is that of the determination of man's place in Nature and his relation to the Cosmos'. We might soon be able to provide the answer to this huge riddle as a battery of instruments ' including satellites, gravity-wave detectors and laser devices ...  | Read.. 
Pilotless copter with a 'brain'
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will soon match the efficiencies of human-pilot ...  | Read.. 
Physics hardly a male bastion
Only about one-eighth of the physics professors at Harvard are women, a st-atist ...  | Read.. 
Delicate ecosystem
When Jane da Mosto scrambles from the water taxi onto the front steps of her fam ...  | Read.. 
From here to eternity
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Dream machine
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Click and roam
Vehicles that move slowly down the street, pausing regularly to take photographs with remote-controlled cameras, tend to make the police a bit nervous. But one trailer loaded with imaging equipment that made its way through the streets of central Phi ...  | Read.. 
Better than Asimo
X-ray hologram
Welcome break
One of the body's best-held secrets is why during pregnancy many women find that the symptoms of a wide range of diseases decline substantially, only to strike back with renewed force after their babies have been delivered. ...  | Read.. 
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Drug giants' chief enemy
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Environmental change boosts infections
Phone can damage sperm
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Aphrodisiac from mothers
QED: Superpower, really'
If mark twain were alive today, he would have rephrased his assertion on statistics and said that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and headlines. The British magazine New Scientist's special issue with a headline 'India: The Nex ...  | Read.. 
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Barbara Goldsmith
W.W. Norton & Company; $23.95 ...  | Read.. 
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