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PC proposes, left & right
Finance minister P. Chidambaram looks set to unwrap a budget on Monday packed with Left-friendly programmes that will seek to offer a 'New Deal to rural India', create more jobs for the poor and splash out more money for elementary education and healthcare. ...  | Read.. 
Pak PM lectures Delhi
If Shaukat Aziz is the modern face of Pakistan, then there is a lot for the Indian leadership to worry about. ...  | Read.. 
Hush-hush errand for king's aide
An emissary of Kathmandu's King Gyanendra is currently here, working on backchannel talks with the Indian government after its strong disapproval of the monarch's coup and suspension of military aid. ...  | Read.. 
Underwater find in tsunami region
Structures off TN coast may answer questions about Seven Pagodas
Among the few strange acts of the killer tsunami was blowing the sand cover off seven boulders with various carved figures on the coast of this ancient town. ...  | Read.. 
Narain Karthikeyan (left) and Tiago Monteiro with their new racing car at Red Square in Moscow on Monday. Karthikeyan, the new Jordan Formula One pil ...  | Read
It was a positive document and reflected the spirit of the CMP

on the President's speech
Presenter Ash is unknown to Oscars
'Who' asked the lady at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, Californ ...  | Read..
No. 1 in population, sooner
India will have more people than the entire population in developed countries by 2025. That fig ...  | Read..
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Govt hits reform buzzer
In the saddle for nine months, the Manmohan Singh government has shed ...   | Read.. 
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Madhyamik near miss
Day I of Madhyamik 2005 got mired in controversy as the secondary educ ...   | Read.. 
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Putin happy with meet despite clash
Russian President Vladimir Putin said today he was satisfied with the resu ...   | Read.. 
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Toss-up between Yuvraj, Kaif
Lakshmipathy Balaji, who missed the home series' against Australia and ...   | Read.. 
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Revival prod for high road
It was flagged off in 1997. It was abandoned in 2000. On Friday, for the fi ...   | Read.. 
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Out of service
Let pundits and patriots gloat over India overtaking China's growth rate, b ...   | Read.. 
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At your service, the taxman's net
The Congress-led government may widen its tax base to include more service ...   | Read.. 
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Snub sequel or salute
One of the more intriguing sub-plots at this weekend's Oscars will be ...   | Read..