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Projects roll on Buddha prod
If Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has his way, 2005 could go down as the year of project completion....  | Read.. 
Ball goes West
If the Indian Football Association (IFA) is planning to take football to the schoolboys in a bid to revive the game, it's abo...  | Read.. 
Roma points out captors
Roma Jhawar did not think twice before pointing her finger at Gunjan Ghosh, prime accused in her kidnap case. ...  | Read.. 
Madhyamik bar on cell phones in exam halls
The board of secondary education has banned the use of mobile phones at the venues of Madhyamik 2005, to begin on February 25...  | Read.. 
Rajnis mate recollects
Budding cricketer Rajnis Patel had died after five botched surgeries on his left shinbone, which he fractured on February 6, ...  | Read.. 
Tips-on-trees order for Memorial
Calcutta High Court said on Wednesday that it would soon carry out an inspection of the measures taken to protect the Victori...  | Read.. 
Game goes to classrooms
Move over Sourav and Sachin, Sania and Leander. The hunt for our own Ronaldinhos and Beckhams (okay, maybe Bhaichungs and Ash ...  | Read.. 
Raas Garba salutes the advent of spring, and a slice of Calcutta stepped out in a swirl of colour and a click of sticks to usher in the season on Wedn ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, February 24, 2005
Roads to avoid
In camera
On stage
Ode to immortality
An amazing zest for life pervades the paintings of...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Pooja Bhatt You are accommodating and have few complaints. You give your fullest to every ...Read.. 
  Hard look before going soft on park romance
  Dirt of politics on tram tracks
  Sweat over sweater
A question of answers from society on AIDS
On February 6, young members of Mayurbhanj Joint Citizen Centre held a sess...  | Read.. 

Say cheese, please
When you see her, you think of a laugh riot. Be it a Parsi girl working on ...  | Read.. 
Taking stock of discount deals
If you know your style and are not such a fashion victim, it would be a sma...  | Read.. 
Theme treats in buffet eats
If 'the world on a platter' is what La Terrasse at the Oberoi Grand has alw...  | Read.. 
Social Register: One-stop shop and army ration romp
The superstore craze started in south Calcutta a few years ago and since th...  | Read.. 
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Liquor shop staff held over death
Burnt body recovered
Future harmony
Store fire
Market blaze
Thumbs Up
Screen On & Off
Penning an Oscar storm
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