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Iraq curfew to check attacks
US Marines and Iraqi troops set up checkpoints and imposed an 8 pm to 6 am curfew on the rebellious Sunni city of Ramadi today, part of a nationwide effort to restore order after last month's election. ...  | Read.. 
Israel delivers balm and blow
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's cabinet approved his Gaza withdrawal plan today, marking the first time an Israeli government has decided to dismantle settlements on land Pale ...  | Read.. 
US faces global warming threat
Global warming could stifle cleansing summer winds across northern parts of the US over the next 50 years and worsen air pollution, US researchers said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Saudi envoy recalled in soccer row
Saudi Arabia has recalled its ambassador from Hungary after Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany described the Saudi soccer team as 'Arab terrorists', a foreign ministry official ...  | Read.. 
Actor Jack Nicholson watches a boxing match in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Italian ire
Wet lands
Scent trap
Chinese leave Guinness gasping
China is a country of excess. It has the world's largest population (1.3 billion), the biggest army..  | Read.. 
Laidback Laura switches to party mode
A dramatic shift in policy is afoot at the White House, but it has nothing to do with the political..  | Read.. 
Bangla ferry
At least 79 people were killed and more than 120 were missi ...  | Read.. 

Kuwait committed to women's suffrage
Kuwait's government, which last year sent a female suffrage ...  | Read..