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Odd Swank in Oscar rematch
Hollywood didn't quite know what to do with Hilary Swank after she emerged from obscurity to win the best actress Oscar in 2000 for chopping off her hair and dressing as a male in the searing transgender movie Boys Don't Cry....  | Read.. 
Britney unveiled
Britney Spears says the veil has been lifted on her honeymoon, and she's not happy. ...  | Read.. 
Pop a pill and stay drunk
The makers of RU-21, a miracle hangover cure, have developed a product to keep you drunk, reports The Daily Telegrap ...  | Read.. 
One woman and a boat
The wind blows, the ship goes, but even as glory beckons, disaster looms for Ellen MacArthur. Perhaps as early as tomorrow it will be time to come ashore, and this is the thin...  | Read.. 
Former US President Bill Clinton with actor Tom Cruise at an awards dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday. (Reuters)