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Norman Douglas Hutchinson's life story comes right out of a fairy tale. His life began in Dr Graham's Home in Kalimpong. His talent as a painter of portraits was first noted by Lady Mountbatten when, at the age of 15, Norman did her portrait. Very soon he was painting many beautiful women and powerful men, including Jawaharlal Nehru. This book (GLORIA, Unicorn, '40) brings together Norman's two loves, art and his wife, Gloria. There are 63 paintings, sculptures and sketches here of Gloria in various ages and poses. Gloria becomes a Mughal princess (see left); she becomes the Madonna, the earth Mother, the eternal woman ' all intense and haunting; the emotions move from adoration to desire to tenderness. Far left is Gloria through a broken mirror. The images make the book a unique celebration of love by an artist for his wife.

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