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Kisstory repeats itself
In the beginning there was the coy miss. She wouldn't dare to kiss, for fear of being branded a libertine. But wait. There's a catch. Way back in 1933, Devika Rani shocked prudes with her long and lingering kiss with her real-life soul-mate, Himanshu ...  | Read.. 
‘No more kissing in at least my next 10 films’
Neha Dhupia on why she won’t do steam without
self-esteem. By Lata Sinha ...  | Read.. 
Cut the smoke, and be a real dude!
Salman's hairdo, SRK's kurtis, Sunjay's tattoos, John's vroom and along with all these, a long drag. Confused' Well, don't be ...  | Read.. 
‘She didn't really look at me’
Over 16 years Prithvi Theatres gave a total of 2,662 performances over 5,982 days in 112 places with Prithviraj Kapoor appear ...  | Read.. 
Life is in layers
Anindya Sarkar called Staur 'a revealing telefilm'. He wasn't meaning the costume of the pretty and dusky Rimjhim Gupt ...  | Read.. 
Haranath in action
When you see some 'huge action' in NT-1 studios or wherever, you can bet your last deem-toast that it's got to be Hara ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
I was over-the-moon when I saw Sony Entertainment's Rihaee, not because it's as well-made as that other sociall ...  | Read.. 
Dharam Prahji is over-protective about daughter Esha. He has been gifting her a dog on her birthday for the last few years ...  | Read.. 
Based on the eponymous journals by Vladimir Arseniev, the eminent Russian ...  | Read.. 
Atreyi Basu in this album sings 10 Tagore songs under the guidance of veteran Suchitra Mitra ...  | Read.. 
Endurance test
Filmed Jatra
Neither ooohs nor aaahs
Poor reflection