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Answers frozen in iceman
Some 5,300 years after his violent death, a Stone Age man found frozen in the Alps is slowly revealing his secrets to a global team of scientists....  | Read.. 
Simple and elegant
When the 'Calcutta Sculptors' set out in 1994 with a special mission to fulfil, the group was doubtful if much would be accomplished for the benefit of those pursuing the diff...  | Read.. 
Far away from globalisation
What is Bangla ga-an' Is this necessarily locale-speci-fic and indigenously evolved' The session on folk music at the Banga Sanskriti Utsav (February 12-21) in Surendra...  | Read.. 
Frustration with the modern world
As it is in any art that is great, the mystery of mime is to please and touch the audience,' Marcel Marceau, arguably the world's greatest mime artiste, had once said. Whateve...  | Read.. 
Display of devotion
Colonial grandeur
Rustic roots of Odissi
Two to tango: Richard Gere with wife Carey Lowell at the premiere of his film Shall We Dance in London. (AP)