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America gives long answer to Europe's jumbo jet
A month after Europe unveiled the world's biggest airliner, America yesterday came up with one that could fly the farthest....  | Read.. 
'Child' lover and teacher to marry
Former teacher Mary Letourneau, who served seven years in prison for having sex with her former sixth-grade student, is plan ...  | Read.. 
Maybe Dracula had a point. The term Young Blood ' meaning an injection of youthful vigour ' could have a medical origin. ...  | Read.. 
Pauper king's BMW wives
King Mswati III of Swaziland, one of the world's poorest countries, has spent '450,000 on 10 new BMWs for his 11 wives a ...  | Read.. 
Freeloaders catch Napster napping
Users have found a way to skirt copy protection on Napster Inc.'s portable music subscription service just days after its hi ...  | Read.. 
Don't swallow that line
They say advertising is only another word for selling. And if the after-shave lotion you have just come out with doesn't fly off the shelves, it's simply because it was accomp...  | Read.. 
Check-out: Quality over lower price
How things have changed! Some years ago, the Indian industry was crying foul over what they described as China's invasion of the Indian market. While the Indian industry calle...  | Read.. 
Style factor: Actor Cate Blanchett at the Elle Style Awards in London. (AFP)