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The casual moment
I always find it a bit surprising when I hear the directors and producers of Hindi films say, 'This one is very good ' it's almost as good as Hollywood.' I realize it's probably a quality of professionalism, a technical finesse, they have in mind; be...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Sex is for adults
Sir ' Is having sex, as an adult, a crime' Surely not. Should having sex on camera, for a consentin ...  | Read.. 
Facile comments
Sir ' Bibek Debroy's analysis of Indian rape laws in 'Intending to outrage' (Feb 3) is skewed. He r ...  | Read.. 
Duty to give
Sir ' The manner in which the Centre has circumvented the Supreme Court in the ITC case by issuing ...  | Read.. 
It is rather lovely when Audrey Hepburn does it in Tiffany's, or Winona Ryder in Sak's. And Hitchcock made Tippi Hedren do it...| Read.. 
Face lift
No fullstops
Fair name
World beneath their feet
Holding out
Man Friday
What is beauty, but a well-dressed skull that loses colour with the slightest illness, and, before, death robs it of everything, the grace of its external and apparent surface is mortified by the years in such a way that, if eyes could penetrate within beauty, they could watch it only full of horror' ' ANT'NIO VIEIRA
Can the King save the Monarchy'
Itís an old palace ploy, they say. By pitting noble notions of democracy against the crime of insurgency, Nepalís King Gyanendra is simply flexing the muscles of his own sovereignty. But he is underestimating the Maoists, reports Ashis Chakrabarti ...  | Read..