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The cinema of triumph
Heroes aren't born with a golden spoon in their mouth. More often than not they are people who struggle against all odds to make a place for themselves in the society. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Black is a passionate and powerful treatise on the w...  | Read.. 
'Mingling with people adds colour to life'
Rani Mukherjee’s is a class act in Black, and she has some more to show in her coming films ...  | Read.. 
Message and medium
How many of us go to the movies to learn a lesson or two about life' How many of us go to the movies at all' How many movies ...  | Read.. 
On the Red Carpet
Nothing that I had imagined prepared me for what I saw at the premiere of Black. As a close friend from the film frate ...  | Read.. 
'Black isn't one of those depressing films that doesn't take its responsibilities towards the box-office seriously'
Q: Black goes into a very sensitive area of our society' Yes, the physically challenged people'. They never ...  | Read.. 
'Amitabh, don't you think we should...'
Playing Rani Mukherjee as a child, the 9-year-old Ayesha Kapoor has been given the job of performing what's debatably the mos ...  | Read.. 
'I've to make films to feel alive'
Q: Why did the trade pundits declare Black a non-starter' They're still living in the 1980s and 90s. They must ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
Another soap in the makeover mood is Sony's Yeh Meri Life Hai. Gone is the campus climate and so is the protago ...  | Read.. 
'The music just flowed'
Listen. There's a strange, sublime and stupendous stir of echoes reverberating across the universe. It's the sound of Sanjay ...  | Read.. 
'Everything looks yellow to me. My dreams are filled with Yash Uncle's sarson ka khet with yellow mustard flower ...  | Read.. 
Fails on the text
Quiet charm
Rehashed, but action-packed plot
Feeling is believing