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Yoga goes Posh as mom-to-be gets set to bend
- Post-delivery figure in mind, Victoria Beckham hires coach to stay in shape

London, Feb. 7: David Beckham's wife, Victoria, who is expecting her third child next month, has hired a yoga coach to help her regain her shape after she gives birth to the baby, it was reported today.

Victoria, whose nickname is 'Posh' and who will be 31 on April 17, was apparently inspired by the example of another member of The Spice Girls to which she and Geri Halliwell used to belong.

Along with yoga, she is also said to have taken up homeopathy.

In embracing yoga, the England football captain's wife is following the well blazed trail of Madonna and Gynneth Paltrow, who have used yoga to recover their shape after the birth of their babies. Paltrow, who gave birth to her daughter Apple in May 2004, reportedly attended classes with her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. One of Victoria's friends said she had hired a top yoga teacher in Madrid where her husband, 29, a player for Real Madrid, is based.

'Victoria wants to regain her slim look quickly after the baby is born and yoga will help,' the friend told today's Sun. 'It will also help with breathing techniques during labour. A top yoga teacher visits her twice a week for a session.'

The friend added: 'She can't do strenuous exercise but stretching is great for her fitness and it keeps her skin toned. She got her figure back after (her older children) Brooklyn and Romeo were born but it can be harder third time around. She is determined not to let herself go.'

The Beckham marriage went through a bad phase last year when he was linked with his PR assistant, Rebecca Loos, who has now become a 'TV celebrity' on the strength of the affair. The friend revealed: 'She finds the treatment great for relieving stress and it really helped with early morning sickness earlier in the pregnancy. She will keep them up because they help ease the tension, Posh feels.'

She also said: 'Victoria already has two sons and an especially hectic lifestyle ' and like any mum she needs to switch off from time to time.'

Yoga has become big business in Britain, with hundreds of thousands of practitioners, nearly all non-Indian. Many are serious and have been attending yoga three or more times a week for years. One teacher, Barbara Currie, 62, has been practising yoga for 40 years and has sold a million of her yoga videos which teach basics to beginners. She says she feels 25.

People believe her when Currie says: 'Yoga's a total body, mind and spirit system and there is no debating the fact that it slows the effects of aging. I run my own yoga school and my pupils range from five to 85-year-olds ' I've got 60 and 70-year-olds in my class doing handstands!'

She adds: 'Everyone should give yoga a go because it's so incredibly rewarding and as far as I'm concerned it's the best way to lose weight. I certainly thank Madonna for bringing yoga to the masses and I think she's a great advertisement for it because she's in such great shape.'

She explains: 'I think yoga is popular with celebrities because it helps them handle the strain of showbiz. By its very nature yoga is energising and I think celebs are attracted by that. And I think they also like the yoga philosophy and the emphasis on believing in oneself.'

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