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Wash your hands of soap
It is good news for householders, but bad news for soap manufacturers. A British scientist has found a way of cleaning clothes using nothing but water. ...  | Read.. 
Different strokes! Martina in a sari
Andre Agassi in a dhoti' Fantasy. ...  | Read.. 
Blame the gene, not the drunk
A gene mutation that increases the likelihood of becoming drunk on just one drink has been discovered. ...  | Read.. 
I'm the boss, so will you marry me'
A few years ago, at a White House Correspondents' dinner, I met a very beautiful actress. Within moments, she blurted out: 'I can't believe I'm 46 and not married. Men only wa...  | Read.. 
Coffee break: A thin red line
If you come within the first three in your class exams,'said a mother to her daughter, 'I'll buy you those shoes you have been wanting.' ...  | Read.. 
British pop singer Seal (extreme right) and fiancee supermodel Heidi Klum at a carnival parade in Cologne. Thousands flooded the streets of Germany for the Rose Monday procession, the highlight of the Catholic carnival season. (AFP)