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No Iran attack plans: Rice
Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice began her first foreign tour as America's top diplomat with a double-edged pledge today that Washington had no immediate plans to attack Iran. ...  | Read.. 
Acid seas threaten corals, say scientists
Coral reefs could be dead within two generations and cod replaced by jellyfish because of the acidification of the sea, scientists said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
Assassin sends best wishes to Pope
The Turkish gunman who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul in 1981 has sent a letter wishing the ailing Pontiff a quick recovery, the Vatan daily said today. ...  | Read.. 
US sales to Cuba rise
US farm product sales to Cuba, which began only in 2002, have now topped $1 billion, the head of Cuba's food import agency said yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
German supermodel Heidi Klum at a fashion show in New York. (AFP)
Man charged by cellphone
A taxi driver, who could not get to a crown court on time yesterday, has become the first person to..  | Read.. 
Watergate opens notes
Thousands of pages of notes, memos, transcripts and other materials collectively known as the W..  | Read.. 
9/11 victims compared to Nazis
The University of Colorado launched an investigation yester ...  | Read.. 

Rebuke for fun-to-shoot general
A senior US Marine Corps general who said it was 'fun to sh ...  | Read.. 

Rumsfeld twin quit offers
Defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday he twice o ...  | Read.. 

Pocket atlases for press
With Americans suffering a reputation as geographically cha ...  | Read..