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Rational behaviour
It was the premi're of The Apple Cart at the Old Vic theatre. As the final curtains fell, GBS went up the stage, waves of thundering ovation from all over the hall. There was, however, one jarring note: from one corner of the upper stal...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Goodness gracious
Sir ' Yes, 'imagine a world without Angelina Jolie.' ('Do-gooder derby at Davos', Jan 31). Or for t ...  | Read.. 
Endless night
Sir ' There seems to be a racial aspect to the selective denunciation of genocides, which Indians n ...  | Read.. 
The quid pro quo between hike in the employees' provident fund rate and hike in foreign direct investment in telecommu...| Read.. 
A reiteration of the obvious is always a sign of prevailing confusion. It is surprising that the Supreme Court, an institutio...| Read.. 
Spoiling the show
Now that the left has its way with the provident fund issue, will it stop being a hindrance to governance' Unlikely. Only a f...  | Read.. 
Almost the whole pollution-environmental problem is summed up in the proposition that all goods are generally produced jointly with bads. ' KENNETH EWART BOULDING
In the heart of sadness
The last song of dusk By Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi, Viking, Rs 395 ...  | Read.. 
Transit tales
TOKYO CANCELLED By Rana Dasgupta, HarperCollins, Rs 395 ...  | Read.. 
Neighbourhood bully
The low-intensity war waged by separatists in the North-east is considered ...  | Read.. 
Massacre of the innocents
When the West is sanctimonious about the Chinese takeover of Tibet, it deli...  | Read.. 
Freedom at a price
Iraq, Afghanistan and The imperialism of our time By Aijaz Ahmad, ...  | Read.. 

Parisians and post- realists