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India's storm warning device: mobiles
Indians could be warned of an impending storm surge caused by an approaching cyclone via instantaneous text messages flashed to millions of mobile phones, an Indian delegate attending the climate change conference in Exeter in the UK said today. ...  | Read.. 
Talking and driving turn drivers into old people
Drivers who talk on cellphones end up driving like elderly people, with slower reaction times and a tendency to miss what is right in front of them, US researchers said today ...  | Read.. 
Court for DNA test to resolve 'Baby 81' row
A Sri Lankan court today ordered a DNA test to determine whether a couple claiming to be the parents of a baby who survived last month's tsunami were really his mother and fa ...  | Read.. 
Sabotage blackout in Pak province
Suspected tribal militants blew up a major electricity transmission line in Pakistan's troubled Baluchistan overnight, suspending power supplies to many parts of the province ...  | Read.. 
Catalina Sandino Moreno, who has been nominated for a best actress Oscar for her role in Maria Full of Grace, in Beverly Hills. (AP)
New toy boost
Skin stuck
Jailed dogs
Lopez gearing up for a Rebirth
Jennifer Lopez's new album, Rebirth will be released simultaneously as a standard CD an..  | Read.. 
Pope stable after night in hospital
Pope John Paul's fragile health stabilised today after urgent medical treatment overnight for sever..  | Read.. 
5 million out of work in Germany
Germany's jobless total rose above 5 million in January for ...  | Read.. 

US hostage photo hoax: Toy firm
A picture of an 'abducted' US soldier in Iraq appeared on ...  | Read.. 

MTV slammed
American conservative watchdog group Parents Television Cou ...  | Read.. 

Rowling warns fans of Potter Net frauds
Author J.K. Rowling has warned Harry Potter fans to watch o ...  | Read.. 

New govt will lack legitimacy: Sunnis
A leading group of Iraqi Sunni clerics said today any gover ...  | Read.. 

Antarctic fears
Vast ice blocks are slowly collapsing into the sea off Anta ...  | Read..