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Crystal Ball

'Evil Twin' horror

Webusers, beware of 'Evil Twins'. These are wireless hotspots with a hidden danger, say wireless internet and cyber crime experts at the Cranfield University, UK. Internet users are tricked to connect to the attacker's unauthorised base station when they log on to a wireless hotspot connection. Attackers are able to jam the connection and turn itself into an 'Evil Twin'. Once the user is connected to it, the cyber criminal intercepts the personal data, causing a network block or a complete denial of service. 'As wireless networks are based on radio signals, they can be easily detected tuning into the same frequency, while wi-fi networks may guard against this type of cyber crime,' say the researchers.

Common charger

Different chargers for different devices will not be needed from now on. Splashpower, a spin-off company from the University of Cambridge, UK, is launching SplashPad, a charger that will recharge phones and cameras by placing them on a plastic pad the size of a mouse mat with a set of coils. The pad transmits energy to as many gadgets as can fit on its pad at once to charge their batteries.

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