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Taking the lead
In the aftermath of the December 26 tsunami that devastated communities along the coast of Tamil Nadu and in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, there has been a spirited debate over India's disaster management capabilities. The government of India's un...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Over their bodies
Sir ' When it comes to electioneering, no one can do it like Bihar. So while parents beat their che ...  | Read.. 
Tread carefully
Sir ' It was horrifying to read about passengers being pushed out of the train by jawans, re ...  | Read.. 
While the wrath of the tsunami was saddening, it did not dishearten. This comment, at the beginning of the president's Republ...| Read.. 
Election manifestos in India read like fairy tales. Since competitive populism is the name of the game, the parties try to ou...| Read.. 
Across troubled waters
So, for the second time in seven months, China's hostages are back safe and sound from Iraq, but, like the Indian hostages wh...  | Read.. 
Marketing is essentially about feeding the poop back to diners fast enough to make them think they're still getting real food. ' DOUGLAS COUPLAND
In denial
Mira & the Mahatma, By Sudhir Kakar, Penguin, Rs 395...  | Read.. 
Getting the better of technology
'Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to ex...  | Read.. 
On the other side of the door
Jim Morrison: Life, Death and Legend By Stephen Davis, Ebury, ' 7.95...  | Read.. 
Down in the dumps
CASTE IN QUESTION: IDENTITY OR HIERARCHY' Edited by Dipankar Gupta, ...  | Read.. 
Separate identities
Contesting Marginality: Ethnicity, Insurgency and Subnationalism in North-...  | Read.. 

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