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Oh darling, let's split!
Just how much starry meat can you gorge on until the celebrity bone shows up' In Hollywood, it's more about delicious skin than the undiscovered soul, and it's more about the 'when' than about the 'why'. Hence, as you now read these lines, it m...  | Read.. 
'My film isn't titillating'
Q:You went through personal and professional problems during Page 3. Did they add to the film's emotional depth' ... Read.. 
'Crossover' time for 'Them'
When communist-activist Brinda Karat showed up in the pivotal role of Konkona Sensharma's mother in Amu, everyone thou ...  | Read.. 
'The colour (black) calms me'
The film industry seems to have caught a strange new disease. It's being given the name of Black magic. Nothing occuli ...  | Read.. 
'God will protect me from campbaazi'
Q: So you are not Madhushree, you are Sujata! ...  | Read.. 
Telly go round: Hatke, and hato please!
Trust lensman P.B. Chaki to do that. 'We'll be shifting to a CD library nearby,' he said sotto voce, 'and you'll get s ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
All the serials are getting so hyper'gosh! I need a wiper for my tear ducts. Gallons are shed in Zee's Piya Ka Ghar, w ...  | Read.. 
Did you know that item 'bomb' Kareena had put in her application form to Rakesh Roshan to star opposite beta Hrithik i ...  | Read.. 
Anubhav Indrani Sen Prime Music; Rs 42 ...  | Read.. 
View from the top
Rambha damp squib
Sweep; but no depth
Robibar bikalbela, directed by an independant filmmaker from the US, Amit Dutt, and scripted by ...  | Read.. 
You rub your eyes in disbelief as you watch. Is this the same man who made the vapid Satta and ...  | Read..