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American toehold in Orange Revolution
Viktor Yushchenko became Ukraine's President today, crowning a peaceful revolt by ordinary people that overcame a rigged election, thwarted Russia's bid to influence the vote and pointed the country decisively westward. ...  | Read.. 
Tories find poll plank
Britain's opposition Conservative Party hoisted immigration to the top of the pre-election agenda today with a pledge of tough controls that drew accusations it was playing t ...  | Read.. 
Iran brushes off US attack threat
Iran, responding to comments by senior US officials, said today any US military attack on the country would be a strategic mistake and dismissed the US remarks as 'psychologi ...  | Read.. 
Zarqawi war on Iraq polls
Al Qaida ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi declared war on Iraq's landmark elections today in a warning intended to scare away voters a week before they go to the polls amid a raging ...  | Read.. 
British pop singer Joss Stone performs during the German TV show Wetten dass... (Let's make a bet...) in Hanover. (AFP)
Fishy tale
Bad Santa
Work woes
Kylie in row over royalties
Pop diva Kylie Minogue has launched legal action against legendary British record producer Peter Wa..  | Read.. 
King of the Poor costs millions
The Moroccan king, Mohammed VI, spends '3.6 million a month on staff wages, '97,000 on car repa..  | Read.. 
Rumsfeld's spy arm
The US defence department has created a new espionage arm a ...  | Read.. 

Covert convert mission in Aceh
For the devout Muslims of Aceh the disaster that has be ...  | Read.. 

Stirrings of peace emerge in West Asia
Palestinian militants today signalled they would help maint ...  | Read..