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Film blooms in Pitt-Jolie romance rumours
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston might be lamenting the media frenzy attending their separation, but another couple just might benefit: 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. ...  | Read.. 
Greenhouse gases fuel Arctic flood
Increased flows of Russian rivers into the Arctic Ocean are due to man-made greenhouse gases and might indicate changing glo ...  | Read.. 
Martha mints jail millions
The financial fortunes of Martha Stewart, the American domestic guru, have soared since she went to jail for lying over ...  | Read.. 
Racist face jolts Britons
For eight hours a day Ian Hussey, 20, and Hasmita Patel, 21, from Bournemouth and Leicester, respectively, make telephon ...  | Read.. 
Hey, take it easy
Many people seem to think that one has to be inordinately fit in order to be able to ski. This is true only if you are doing it at an advanced level. At such a level, this spo...  | Read.. 
Nicole Kidman is presented with a bouquet as she makes an appearance before Japanese fans in the heart of Tokyo's business district. (Reuters)