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Bridget, armed with the Bible
For fun-loving singleton Bridget Jones, sex, cigarettes and chardonnay make the world go round....  | Read.. 
Trilly and tense
People nourish their views with quotes from people ' Amit Chaudhuri grabbed Marcel Duchamp's, who averred that all compositions, for want of etimology, can be termed as 'found...  | Read.. 
Creating one kind of history
Shruti Sadolikar Katkar, a leading exponent of the Jaipur Atrauli style of khayal singing, produced the most memorable recital of all at the night-long Sabrang Sangeet ...  | Read.. 
Something to everyone's liking
A choice of artists and expressions, a little something for every taste, is offered by CIMA in its show titled 'Select Works'....  | Read.. 
Lyrical whispers
Abysmally amateurish
Relations repackaged
Zellweger: The old Jones
Bridget, armed with the Bible