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Jumbo at hand, Virgin eyes bedroom in the skies
An Indian woman who works for Virgin Atlantic Airways as a stewardess expressed surprise today at being told the airline's staff were under instructions not to disturb couples who lock themselves in a lavatory with the intention of joining the 'mile...  | Read.. 
Webber gets a Really Useful offer
Millionaire musical composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber may soon be singing all the way to the bank after getting an offer for his ...  | Read.. 
Film fort in desert
With sand dunes, oases and snow-capped peaks so beloved of epic filmmakers, not to mention an army willing to provide thousa ...  | Read.. 
When the police come in the dead of night'
It was a little after midnight on December 15, 2004, when the police entered 583 Simla Satgarh Road ' the house of Ashok Gupta, a businessman from Uttar Pradesh, now based in ...  | Read.. 
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Elephant men
Last dip' Wearing gloves and a wool cap, a woman braves the cold during a swim in the Women’s Bathing Pond on Hampstead Heath in London on Tuesday. The bathing ponds on Hampstead Heath are under threat of closure by the Corporation of London due to the cost of maintaining lifeguards. (AFP)