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Leaky dam sparks California exodus
About 2,500 people were ordered to evacuate their homes in Southern California yesterday when a 32 metre high dam began leaking after two weeks of rain. ...  | Read.. 
Prison guard found guilty of abuse
A military jury found US soldier Charles Graner guilty yesterday of abusing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in a scandal that badly damaged America's worldwide reputatio ...  | Read.. 
European Nazi ban mooted
German politicians have called for a Europe-wide ban on Nazi insignia after Prince Harry caused outrage by wearing a swastika armband and Nazi regalia at a fancy dress party. ...  | Read.. 
Titan's orange world revealed
Data sent back by the Huygens space probe from the Saturnian moon Titan show a frozen, orange world shrouded in a methane-rich haze with dark ice rocks dotting a riverbed-lik ...  | Read.. 
Temptress: Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen at a fashion show in Rio de Janeiro. (Reuters)
US accused of Babylon damage
US-led forces, using Iraq's ancient city of Babylon as a military base, have caused 'substantial da..  | Read.. 
Aviator struggles to capture Hepburn aura
'Acting,' said Katharine Hepburn, 'is the most minor of gifts and not a very high-class way to ..  | Read.. 
Pensioners in massive Russia rally
At least 15,000 pensioners blocked the centre of St Petersb ...  | Read.. 

Keen senses saved animals from waves
Wildlife in Sri Lanka's biggest national park survived last ...  | Read.. 

Skiers caught in avalanche
A number of skiers were believed caught in an avalanche yes ...  | Read.. 

Israel move sours Abbas swearing in
Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in as Palestinian president to succ ...  | Read..