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More slides feared in California hamlet
Officials warned residents of a California hamlet yesterday that the steep hills overlooking their community could collapse again as the death toll from a mudslide rose to 10 with three still missing. ...  | Read.. 
Scot family of five swept into sea
A family of five were killed at the height of the worst storm for a decade as they attempted to escape from their flooded home. ...  | Read.. 
Thatcher son admits coup link
The son of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher pleaded guilty today to a role in a foiled mercenary plot in west Africa under a plea bargain to avoid prison. ...  | Read.. 
Tragedy halts tsunami of words in its tracks
Before, musicians produced a'sonic tsunami,' Wall Street analysts foresaw 'tsunamis' of bad earnings news and Japanese restaurants served 'tsunami' sushi rolls. ...  | Read.. 
California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a look at a damaged bus in La Conchita. (AFP)
Fossil of mammal that ate dinosaurs unveiled
Elated scientists yesterday showed off a 130-million-year-old fossil that casts mammals in a new li..  | Read.. 
A President needs God, says Bush
President George W Bush yesterday placed religion at the very centre of American politics by in..  | Read.. 
Nepal vote call as talks fail
Nepal's Prime Minister said he would call elections and int ...  | Read.. 

Banda Aceh survivors struck down by tetanus
Scores of survivors of the tsunami are dying of tetanus ...  | Read..