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You can kiss the last sensation goodbye already. Kareena and Shahid are busy, er, home-making now! They've gone and bought a house in the Mumbai suburbs, jointly financing their dream house. Though some maintain that it's just Kareena's birthday gift to Shahid. Either way, the love birds have already started putting their nest in place. Good foresight.


Courting trouble, dub-a-dub!

Manisha Koirala

After some body-double trouble Manisha now has fresh trouble at hand ' a voice double. In her latest film, fashioned on the pop diva Madonna, Chahat Ek Nasha, she is being dubbed by another voice artiste. That's because Manya has refused to dub for the film and had taken time off. She was seen lolling around on the beaches of Goa this year end with boyfriend Cecil instead of going down to the dubbing station. Why such unprofessionalism' Well, Manya may have a point. The producer didn't pay her dues ' Rs 6 lakh from her total remuneration of Rs 50 lakh. The mess-up goes back to her film, Paisa Vasool. Distributors of Paisa Vasool have claimed that producer Manisha Koirala hadn't paid them their dues, which is Rs 6 lakh, and they did their paisa vasooli from the producer of Chahat. Now it's court-time once again, and says Manya: 'Just because a woman is a producer, they think they can take advantage of the situation.' Let's see on whom the hammer slams.


International item

Haseena Smart Sexy Dangerous. That's Ishaa Koppikar for you, playing Raj Babbar's love interest. Forget the title, which is straight out of Tata Young's Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy, Ishaa still-young is out to tell the world that it doesn't take a Mallika, a Neha or a Meghna to be bold and a beauty. She is very candid about the fact that she's doing everything to make people sit up and take notice of her. 'I'm intentionally doing such bold films,' says the original item girl cutting out the bull like, 'The role demands it'.

Unlike other Bollywood babes who invade the East and the South for roles, Ishaa has made it clear that her interest lies only in Hindi films (actually, she was doing rather well for herself Down South before she came over to Mumbai).

Okay, but what's made her turn towards Hollywood' She's assigned the same agent as Aishwarya Rai's and is looking forward to going international. And both are being considered for the next instalment of Rush Hour'!

It's not that Ishaa is down and out and is just hankering for ceetees. Well, what do you say to an Ivory-Merchant (Searching for Sara) and a Ram Gopal Varma (D) for starters'

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