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'Patel is going to return stronger'
- Healy calls upon young 'keepers in India to follow Gilchrist as a role model

Melbourne: In Ian Healy's opinion, Parthiv Patel deserved to be dropped earlier this season, but the world record-holder is convinced the 19-year-old will make a comeback.

'Patel lost form and was letting teammates down... In that scenario, he had to be omitted. However, his technique is fine... It's just that he needs to concentrate harder and handle pressure better,' Healy told The Telegraph.

Speaking at the MCG during Monday's fund-raiser, Healy added: 'I'm confident Patel is going to return stronger and the selectors must allow him opportunities to 'push' whoever is the favoured 'keeper. Once he is 25 or thereabouts, Patel will have it in him to 'keep for ten years...'

Patel needs to handle pressure better;feels Healy

Patel was dropped after the Nagpur Test against Australia and Dinesh Karthik has kept in the last five Tests. His debut, it may be recalled, was at Trent Bridge in 2002 when he entered the records as the youngest (17 years, 152 days) Test 'keeper.

'Actually, I quite liked Karthik's intensity and enthusiasm... I mean, he wanted to be there and seemed to enjoy his part... Also, I didn't find anything wrong with his technique,' Healy remarked.

Healy, of course, didn't watch the ODIs in Bangladesh and, so, couldn't comment on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Yet, he did say: 'I'm happy Rahul Dravid's days as a 'keeper are over... I accept he did a good job for over two years, but was reluctant to wear the big gloves...'

Our conversation, by the way, ended with Healy calling upon young 'keepers in India to follow Adam Gilchrist as a role model. 'In today's era, there's no better example... Look up to him, dream big and don't take short-cuts...'

As a prescription, it can't be faulted.

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