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Bar code of life
When an astronaut sets foot on an alien planet and sees moving shadows in a nearby wood, he whips out a scanning device that immediately identifies the menacing life-form, flashing up a photo of its species and an assessment of its aggressive intent. If such devices are standard equipment for visiting distant planets, why canít we have them here at home where we really need them' ...  | Read.. 
RNA blueprint for bio products
The double helix structure of the DNA has already inspired architects to build n ...  | Read.. 
Surprises to puzzles
Black holes, the cosmic beasts whose deadly grip allows nothing ' not even light ...  | Read.. 
Master strokes of a genius
In 1905, sitting far away from the mainstream activity of science, Albert Einste ...  | Read.. 
Bar code of life
Fading ring
Unhealthy sex
Fertile cosmos
Failure of science
Pain in the tummy
Pressure on doctors
Sudden shutdown
Drivers can trust the fuel gauges in their cars to tell them whether the tank is half-full or down to its last gallon. But laptop owners don't have the same security when they check the time left in a lithium-ion battery. A click on the battery icon ...  | Read.. 
Powerful camera
Revert software
Secret burden
An unspoken but ever-present issue in the life of any doctor is an immodest, completely nonmedical concern: Are doctors boring people' Sober and serious, surely. Respectable and educated, one hopes. A bit stuffy at times, perhaps. But dreary' ...  | Read.. 
For a broken heart
When lungs cry for oxygen
Keep moving
Migraine patients have gene defects
Drinks ruin depth perception
Acupuncture eases labour
Superman makes you selfish
QED: Insult to injuries
It's like a series of flashbacks that seems to go on forever in Jasmin Hasic's mind. The day has just broken in their bungalow on the Thai seashore near Phuket. A towering wave crashes over them and a wall collapses on Hasic's wife Nadja who is busy f ...  | Read.. 
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