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Shadow of gun on aid effort
Indonesia tried to reassure western aid workers after a brief gunfire incident today in the major tsunami aid base of Banda Aceh raised concern for their safety. ...  | Read.. 
Chinese couple gives $600,000
An anonymous Chinese couple has donated $600,000 towards tsunami relief, the biggest of more than $12 million in private donations to the national Red Cross, Xinhua news agen ...  | Read.. 
Sudan rivals ink peace deal
As bare-chested warriors danced and turbaned heads bowed in prayer, Sudan's Islamist government and southern rebels forged a comprehensive peace on Sunday ending Africa' ...  | Read.. 
Risks and rewards for US in relief push
The huge American relief operation in the Indian Ocean carries risks for the Pentagon but also rewards, employing combat resources at a time the armed forces are stretched th ...  | Read.. 
An Acehnese boy draws during a class inside a mosque-turned-tsunami shelter in Banda Aceh on Sunday. (Reuters)
Succour for victims, business for donors
As aid rushes in to Asia's tsunami survivors, makers of essentials such as biscuits and medicine ar..  | Read.. 
US military admits Iraq bombing error
US forces mistakenly dropped a 500-pound bomb on a house outside the northern ci ty of Mosul ea..  | Read.. 
Abbas poised for victory
Palestinians today voted for a successor to Yasser Arafat a ...  | Read.. 

Tiger chief report
The Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation has retracted its r ...  | Read..