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Big Bang
For Bollywood, this New Year clearly seems to have sunk in, as the largest film producing industry gets back to business. The month of January is expected to see no less than 19 releases, beginning today. Locking horns in the very first week will be t...  | Read.. 
Here & Now: 'Lagaan was a formula film'
Addressing itself to rudimentary grassroot problems such as rural poverty and illiteracy, Swades is the most so ...  | Read.. 
'Hold them, tell them you're there for them'
I've just returned to Mumbai'really, really, tired and moved' and now I want to mobilise my colleagues into contributing to h ...  | Read.. 
Telly go round: The thick red tape
You would have thought that June Maliah was directing her telefilm, Pratidwandi, in an Army camp. Come to think of it, ...  | Read.. 
View from the couch
It seems like yesterday! Years ago, Hema Malini played Seeta and Geeta to spectacular success in cinema. Would she be ...  | Read.. 
After Sushmita showing off her '22 carat boulder', it was Mahima's turn to sport a huge rock on her finger. But that prove ...  | Read.. 
Chandan Sa Badan Anupam Amod Times Music; Rs 55, ...  | Read.. 
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