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Although it is widely if not universally endorsed and admired, democracy as a political system is still on trial in many parts of the world. This is true not only of the ex-colonial countries of Asia and Africa, but also of the transitional societies...  | Read.. 
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Coming together
Sir ' The confluence of East and West symbolized in the violin, and celebrated by Githa Hariharan i ...  | Read.. 
Freedom to be
Sir ' Swapan Dasgupta's contention, 'Secularization of democracies has gone too far', is based on a ...  | Read.. 
Images of hope
Sir ' The front-page photograph on the January 1, 2005 edition of a girl holding a few biscuits was ...  | Read.. 
It is prudent of the government of India not to have reacted strongly to the United States of America's naval presence in Sri...| Read.. 
Teachers must look dull: that alone would convey the misery of their profession. The impulse behind the circular for teachers...| Read.. 
Human nature at sea
It should have been the best of times for newsrooms across the world. A gigantic, grotesque catastrophe that had readers actu...  | Read.. 
How to get back the missing teeth
With the elections to the Calcutta municipal corporation and many civic bodies in the districts scheduled between April and June, it is safe to predict that Bengal's political...  | Read.. 
Crime is a socio-political artifact, not a natural phenomenon. We can have as much or as little crime as we please, depending on what we choose to count as criminal. ' HERBERT LESLIE PACKER