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Rahul to junk memory cards
For many, it will be just another speech. For the Congress, it could be the unveiling of the future. When Rahul Gandhi speaks for the first time in Parliament tomorrow, party spin doctors and image managers are confident that ev...  | Read.. 
Tony blares on and on
Tony Blair was today urged to step down as Prime Minister as Labour’s ...  | Read.. 
Seth in celluloid
It's an offer to remember for the suitable boy of Indo-Anglian literature. Vikram Seth has been approached by director Shekh ...  | Read.. 
Bal as clapperboy
Films stars paying courtesy visits to Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray is not uncommon. But a rendezvous of this kind is rare ...  | Read.. 
Not so pretty
We'd grown accustomed to her thick glasses, her teenage fringe, her wired smile. No wonder Mona Singh is paying a price for ...  | Read.. 
Einstein, curiouser & curiouser
Einstein was wrong. He didn't discover mind-boggling secrets of the cosmos by being, as he claimed, much more 'curious than ...  | Read.. 
Mayor's month
Delhi's India Gate or Mumbai's Gateway of India would be no patch on it. Calcutta Gate will be a towering showpiece that wil ...  | Read.. 
Shiites party into the night
Jubilant Shiite parties tonight captured a majority of the 275 seats in Iraq’s new constituent assembly ...  | Read.. 
Sachin's pride, Inzy's glory
Sachin Tendulkar got his 35th Test ton, after all. But even as he made history ...  | Read.. 
Leave it to her
Rejoice! Indian women can now have greater control over their sex lives. The female condom is here ...  | Read.. 
Licensed to Kung Fu
The name’s Fat, Chow Yun-Fat. And he is ready to do some licentious lovemaking ...  | Read.. 
Off with their faces!
Last night I dreamt I went to see Amitabh Bachchan again. And the night before that. Hardly surprising. During both da ...  | Read.. 
Brickbats and brickbats
Play it again, sis
One way towards a happy new year is doing something good the previous one. The Telegraph brings you a list of the women who did and from whom we expect even more ...  | Read.. 
The best & worst of 2004
Anu Aga stepped down in October from her high-profile job as the chairperson of the 538-crore Thermax Group, bringing an end to her 19-year-old corporate career. Aga handed her job over to her chemical engineer daughter, Meher Pudumjee, to devote he...  | Read..