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Lanka town does not exist anymore
This story is datelined Hambantota, today, but in reality most of the town doesn't exist anymore. ...  | Read.. 
Foiled Viktor moves against poll victor
Defeated Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich pulled out of a cabinet meeting today under pressure from his liberal opponent, but tried to keep a toehold on pow ...  | Read.. 
Suspected militant shot in Riyadh
Saudi police killed a suspected militant in a shootout in Riyadh and captured two wanted militants after a gun battle in the Red Sea city of Jeddah today, state television an ...  | Read.. 
28 killed in Iraq trap
At least 28 people were killed in Baghdad overnight when insurgents blew up a house that police were raiding, flattening neighbouring homes. ...  | Read.. 
A nearly empty flight heads from Hong Kong to Phuket on Wednesday as tourists stay away from the Thai island paradise following the killer tsunami on ...  | Read
Waves of havoc in the past
The tsunamis that claimed thousands of lives across the Indian Ocean are the deadliest great wa..  | Read.. 
Tourists find hell on earth
Scandinavia and Germany, fond of viewing Asia as a winter refuge, faced up to the possibility that ..  | Read.. 
Karzai's friend killed in Pak tribal region
Masked gunmen killed an ethnic Pashtun politician known as ...  | Read.. 

Survivors battle thirst as corpses rot
Reeking corpses rotted in the tropical sun from India to In ...  | Read.. 

Dragged from a wedding party to the middle of the sea, alone
Mulyana, a 24-year-old housewife, had just sat down to ...  | Read.. 

Simpsons site as saviour
An Internet site set up by an Italian schoolboy, and previo ...  | Read..