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Postcards from 2005
A pill to kill appetite and curb obesity: Few treatments for obesity have evoked as much excitement in recent years as rimonabant. French pharma giant Sanofiís experimental drug, unveiled last year at a medical meet, was found to suppress appetite as well as fight heart ailments. Rimonabant blocks chemical substances called cannabinoid 1 that stimulates hunger and cravings in humans, thus reducing voracious appetites of the obese ...  | Read.. 
Ethics blown to winds
From the website of a biotechnology company in London, a dead man smiles at the ...  | Read.. 
Science is fun
Wrong signal
Different strokes
Guinea pig on chips
It's a thumbnail-sized silicon chip, stuffed with hundreds of thousands of liver cells meant to mimic the metabolism of a lab animal. The so-called animal-on-chip has a job cut out for it ' to allow scientists to test drugs or cosmetics for toxic sid ...  | Read.. 
Nano needle
PDA-spam filter
Toxic remains
On the third day of a seemingly endless bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas last year, Hal Walker, 33, woke up with a set of classic symptoms. His head ached. Loud noises made him wince. Bright lights hurt his eyes. 'If you can find a ...  | Read.. 
Armour against attack
Trip check
Diet prescription for a long life
Incense sticks damage lungs
Magnets helpful for arthritis
Porn is just like cocaine
QED: Spoon-fed childhood
Even the young cyclist these days is beginning to wear lustrous helmets, pedalling at a gallant speed of approximately two and a half miles an hour. Of course, that would be alright, if it were not for two related facts: an anxious parent plodding beh ...  | Read.. 
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Martin Brookes
Bloomsbury; £ 16.99 ...  | Read.. 
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Why does drinking make us hungry'
Doctor's Desk
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