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Ukraine court annuls poll change
Ukraine's top court today overturned some legal changes intended to cut election fraud, a day before a re-run of the presidential vote that has become a test of democratic legitimacy and national identity. ...  | Read.. 
US had no Iraq plan: Study
The US military invaded Iraq without a formal plan for occupying and stabilising the country and this high-level failure continues to undercut what has been a 'mediocre' ...  | Read.. 
Scotland snow chills bookmakers
Bookmakers Ladbrokes said today they had paid punters who bet on a white Christmas in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Manchester after an overnight dusting of snow. ...  | Read.. 
Brando estate claim
Marlon Brando's former business manager has filed a $3.5-million claim against the late actor's estate, accusing the Oscar-winning Godfather star of sexual harassment ...  | Read.. 
Cool cousins: Princes Harry (left) and William (centre) with their cousin Zara Phillips at a Christmas service in their Sandringham estate in Norfolk, ...  | Read
Dwarf drought
Daring dip
Odd birds
Probe starts descent to Saturn moon Titan
A European-designed space probe broke away from its Nasa mothership yesterday on a plunge toward th..  | Read.. 
Incivility 2004 top word, OK!
The electoral shorthand for a divided America and the perceived nastiness of the US presidential ra..  | Read.. 
Osama kin probe widens
A French judge has widened a probe into the financial netwo ...  | Read.. 

Pope: Peace is needed
Pope John Paul told the world in his Christmas message toda ...  | Read..