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Peanuts as pay, funny men cry foul
The pay's a joke and it's not funny any more ' New York comedians have had enough of working for peanuts and are threatening to walk out if the city's top stand-up comedy clubs don't raise their wages. ...  | Read.. 
Former husband fires lawsuit at Lopez
An ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez sued her for alleged breach of contract, claiming he was wrongly fired as the manager of her ...  | Read.. 
One wedding, two christenings
David and Victoria Beckham are hosting a christening ceremony for their sons Romeo and Brooklyn in a private chapel built in ...  | Read.. 
Kaleidoscopic view of a raga
Indian classical music, like Indian philosophy, is highly individualistic. It offers numerous forms of improvisations discouraging mass or chorus. Duet singing is no less diff...  | Read.. 
Mime in relation to music
Drama where the spoken word is secondary formed the main attraction of Nandikar's National Theatre Festival, underlining that theatre stimulates best when it frees your imagin...  | Read.. 
Experiment in mixing
Srijano Chhande Anande Nacho Nataraj, the annual programme of Suchhanda, was held at Madhusudan Mancha on December 20. Divided into two parts, the programme was conceived and ...  | Read.. 
Mostly a personal album
Cross-cultural influence
Superficial imposition
Lip-smacking: Asali, a lion cub at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, polishes off a cat food-filled Christmas present on Thursday. Zookeepers also gave the lions a mock Christmas tree. (Reuters)