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Strings attached
But is that physics' That seemed to have been the caveat raised by Richard Feynman, Nobel laureate physicist, against the string theory, popularly known as the Theory of Everything. Though the experts, not particularly fond of hypes, don’t like the name that much, the string theory is one of the attempts to unify the two seemingly irreconciliable concepts — relativity and quantum mechanics — which between them explain everything from an apple’s fall to a picture’s formation on a TV screen ...  | Read.. 
Right on target
Life, and how it functions, is at the centre of Dr Guenter Blobel’s research. Specifically, he studies proteins and the mechanisms that permit them to move within the cells of living organisms. For his efforts, he was chosen as the sole recipient of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 1999 ...  | Read.. 
Jewels from the junkyard
Indian marine biologists have stumbled upon a vast storehouse of energy while looking for pollutants in the oceans. “They are called gas hydrates, the ice-like crystalline structures made of water and methane,” said Harsh Gupta, secretary, ocean development department, Government of India ...  | Read.. 
Young galaxy
Monkey power
New tiger
Earliest brew
What a scare
Not practical
Fatal combination
Just aim and shoot
As a technology columnist the most frequently asked question I face at parties is: what digital camera should I get' Since 2001, I've conducted semiregular surveys of the latest digital cameras which are priced below $300. The lessons of this year's ...  | Read.. 
Fastest wireless
Smarter chip
Dogma and fear
I remember all too well the agony of postsurgical starvation: nearly five days elapsed after my Caesarean section when the hospital refused to give me anything but ice chips. All the while I was trying to nurse two big babies with nothing but an intr ...  | Read.. 
Effective alternative
Ups and downs in heart beats
Fountain of youth
New TB drug can speed up cure
Shampoo chemical damaging
Injectable gel for torn cartilage
Why bosses marry secretaries
QED: Diary of misguidance
Blogging is steadily getting into the mainstream of Internet communication. Web logs or blogs ' regularly updated web journals ' allow people, the bloggers, to maintain a diary on anything under the sun. It encompasses a wide area ' from war to ethics ...  | Read.. 
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